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What to Build a Fairy Garden In

what to build a fairy garden in anywayIf you’ve been wondering what to build a fairy garden in, look no further! Here’s a list of inspirational ideas to get the creative juices flowing. It can sometimes help to get a breakdown of What is In a Fairy Garden, and some Ideas for Fairy Gardens to spark that creativity. There is no one way to make a fairy garden.

what to build a fairy garden in top 10For every different fairy garden, there is a fairy that will love to make it a home. There are the standard indoor and outdoor planters that can be used, unusual objects that often make very fun and creative fairy gardens, fairy gardens that don’t require any soil- and therefore significantly less maintenance, and even plant-less fairy gardens that require close to no maintenance.

Standard Planters

what to build a fairy garden in standard plantersWith the majority of fairy gardens, there is a basic planter with either one featured plant or an assortment of plants. Many these fairy gardens made in standard planters are created after the plant(s) has been put in place and the fairy garden accessories are added afterward. This is often to bring a little magic into the garden and help decorate the space.

what to build a fairy garden in dedicated planterThere are, of course, pre-planned fairy garden planters where the plant type and position are dictated by the desired design of the fairy garden itself. These require a bit more planning ahead. Either way, a beautiful fairy paradise is made- often with the standard gardening equipment already on hand.

Unusual Planters

Creativity tends to spark with a bit more ease, I’ve found, when the decision is made to use something out of the ordinary for a planter. There is an entire section dedicated solely to everyday items to use as fairy garden planters to check out in More Ideas for Indoor Fairy Garden Fun for inspiration. That list is by no means complete, as people are coming up with new and innovative ideas for fairy gardens all the time! For example:

A discarded drawerwhat to build a fairy garden in drawer

An old chairwhat to build a fairy garden in chair

An old shoewhat to build a fairy garden in shoe

An old jewelry boxwhat to build a fairy garden in jewelry

Soil-less Fairy Garden

what to build a fairy garden in air plantWhen considering creating a fairy garden, there’s an endless variety of plant options available. I have gone over a few of the more common plant selections for outdoor fairy gardens, and common indoor selections as well. While these are by far the most common types of plants to be used in fairy gardens, there are always the lesser known, yet very maintenance -light air plants.

what to build a fairy garden in air plant decorationAir plants have been used as decoration often by those who have a brown thumb. They are also favored by those who simply don’t have the time or inclination to tend an entire garden- but still want the benefits of living plants in their home. Air plants scientific name is tillandsias, and are what’s known as epiphytes- plants that naturally grow without soil. This makes them the perfect plant to place in a fairy garden that will have less maintenance than usual. (We all go through periods of time when our garden gets the “back burner” treatment. Air plants will be effected less than others by this.)

what to build a fairy garden in air plant careAir plants simply require misting or dunking (submerge in water) a couple times a week, and perhaps a monthly feeding from a water-soluble orchid or tillandsia fertilizer. To determine which watering and feeding routine is best for the type of air plant you have, make sure to check the species and go by the guidelines. These air plants make the creation and maintenance of the fairy garden even easier!

what to build a fairy garden in air plant containerThe choice to use air plants in the fairy garden means there are now so many more options on what to build a fairy garden in. Items and containers that either would not have adequate drainage, or simply would not hold soil or growing medium for the plants are now in the running! This means that no matter the size, shape or style of the object, as long as it has a nook or cranny to support the air plant, and a small space for some fairy garden accessories to be placed, you’ve got yourself a fairy garden!

Plant-less Fairy Garden

what to build a fairy garden in what is inEven though having a Fairy Garden with Plants is a fantastic idea, sometimes the demands of live plants can be a bit much. When this is the case, I still encourage the creation of fairy gardens! There is a simple solution… artificial plants and/or flowers.

what to build a fairy garden in fake flowersArtificial flowers are not actually made of plastic. They are made of polyester or silk and then coated in an artificial “bloom” that has the same weight and feel as real flowers. These faux arrangements last long, don’t need to be watered, and can be taken out year-round without any risk to the environment.

what to build a fairy garden in fake easyExcept for occasional dusting, and perhaps a change up in the arrangement of the fairy garden accessories for fun, this is the ultimate in low-maintenance fairy gardening. Simply purchase the desired faux plants, place and admire! Similar to the air plant option, with the lack of soil or other growing medium, artificial plants provide so much more when it comes to options of what to build a fairy garden in.

What to Build a Fairy Garden In? Practically Anything!

what to build a fairy garden in no limitsThe most common mistake when considering what to build a fairy garden in is limitations. There is practically no limit to the type, style or size of the fairy garden of your dreams! The only limit is your imagination, and with a little inspiration, a bit of creativity and a dash of magic, the fairies will be flocking to the garden in no time!

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4 thoughts on “What to Build a Fairy Garden In

  1. Gardening is such a relaxing activity, seeing the plans flourish is also very rewarding. While a lot of people living in condos or apartments can’t have outdoor gardens, a small indoor garden is the next best thing. Real plants cannot be replaced by Fake Plants in decor, ambiance, and beauty.

    Thank you for sharing.

    1. I agree. While it may look nice in a photo, there is such a different feel to a place that has real plants vs. fake ones. If time and attention are not things available to you at the moment, I understand the use of the faux foliage; but I always prefer the real thing! That’s why I am such a huge fan of our Smart Garden 9! It makes having real plants that are useful in the kitchen (veggies, herbs and fruit) or beautiful to look at (ornamental grasses and fabulous flowers) a sinch! 

  2. Thanks for the wealth of inspiration you have given us in this post. One of the things I will start trying right away is unusual planters. During the last year, I visited a friend frequently and his family had the most Unusual Planters in the garden and I felt the idea was cool!

    1. You’re welcome! I am so glad you enjoyed the post! 

      I have to say that unusual planters is for sure one of my favorite ways to add some interest to a garden! 

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