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What is a Garden Tower?

Have you ever heard of vertical gardening or gardening towers? My first thought was “What is a garden tower, how would that even work? Traditionally people needed enough yard space with larger flat areas to garden successfully, but thanks to this technique we can now grow many plants just as effectively in a much smaller area! A garden tower is a vertical garden that can be used in an urban environment to grow vegetables, herbs, and other plants.

Some common objections I hear when telling people about my love of gardening relate to this. People tell me they “just don’t have enough space”, or its “too much work to keep up with everything, especially digging in the dirt or pulling the weeds!”. Obviously I love doing these things, but I guess I can see their point. Much to my amazement as I began researching garden towers, these problems are already solved!

There are many benefits from the use of garden towers; they can help to save space, conserve water, and increase the amount of plants and vegetables grown in a small area. It also makes it easier for people who live in apartments or houses without yard space for gardens to grow their own produce at a drastically lower cost than a traditional garden.

The Garden Tower® Project

Garden towers are becoming increasingly popular because of the benefits they offer. They are a sustainable solution for growing food because they use less space and they don’t require a lot of time or effort to maintain. Garden towers come in many shapes and sizes, but the one that I found to be the most beneficial is the Garden Tower® 2 from the Garden Tower Project.

Learning About gardening towers has been an eye-opening experience. I was stunned to learn that with this type of garden you can grow 50 plants in just four square feet! There are many other benefits as well including being able to compost and garden in the same space, easy upkeep with no weeding, and the plants grow super fast too!

I could make this article even longer by explaining every little thing (You know how I love to do that!), however this video explains everything about how this tower garden works even better than I can.

We reached out to The Garden Tower Project and are so excited that they have agreed to allow us to review their product. We are committed to always providing in-depth and unbiased reviews. If you click on the links below to visit Garden Tower Project and make any purchase, a small percentage will go towards supporting our website at absolutely no additional cost to you!

What is a Garden Tower? – History of the Garden Tower® Project

This Garden Tower concept was pioneered by Colin Cudmore, an inventor, Joel Grant, who is an environmental scientist, as well as Thomas Tlusty, a health professional. These three visionaries used Kickstarter to develop this revolutionary way to allow people to grow their own organic produce.

They developed the original Garden Tower® (See Picture) and in 2021 released the Garden Tower® 1.1. After another 2 years, they further refined the model into the current version, the Garden Tower® 2. In addition to all the positive reviews mentioned in the paragraph above, many people have sent in pictures that we have featured in this article. If you would like to see all the user pictures and videos as well, just click here.

The vertical farming implemented by this project has several benefits, and many people feel this type of gardening represents the future of urban farming for many reasons. The main benefits of vertical farming are:

-Uses less water than traditional farming.

-Can be done indoors, which makes it possible to grow food all year round, regardless of the weather conditions outside.

-Produces a higher yield per square foot than traditional farms.

-Reduces the need for transportation, because it doesn’t require as much space as traditional farms do.

The Garden Tower® 2 Reviews

The latest version of the Garden Tower, The Garden Tower® 2, has all the benefits of the earlier versions and several improvements as well. It is 100% made in America out of completely recyclable food grade plastic, and has complete 360 degree rotation as well!

Reviews are overwhelmingly positive 5-Star Reviews. Out of 87 reviews, the average rating is 4.8 stars. In order to be completely unbiased I will talk about the lowest reviews first. There were only 3 3-star reviews, One had no information, another person mentioned that the few lowest rings don’t get as much water compared to the top plants (this can be alleviated by watering these plants directly or planting plants that require less water on these bottom rows. The third reviewer had similar concerns and mentioned the need to water frequently.

Some of the 4-star reviewers (there were only 8) mentioned price as a factor. The system is a bit on the expensive side, which is why I am saving up for one myself and don’t have one yet! I do feel it’s worth the price though. There is also a discount if you decide to get multiple towers at the same time (1-2, 3-6, 7-11, and 12+). Additionally, Garden Tower Project offers interest free financing too! Personally I plan to get 3 for the discount and utilize the financing option to get started.

These reviews mention that if using the garden tower inside, they had to use a supplemental light to adequately cover all the plants, and that small insects might arrive. (The insect issue is common to people who have indoor plants, I sprinkle a bit of “food grade” diatomaceous earth on and around my indoor plants, to organically control this. The lighting issue could be alleviated by placing next to a larger window with adequate light and rotating the tower occasionally, so all the plants get enough)

The thing that struck me about these “low” reviews, is that the customers were not just complaining, they seem to genuinely love the product and are making suggestions on how to make future versions even better! The community the Garden Tower Project has is truly amazing, no wonder they were able to fund the Garden Tower® 2 on Kickstarter in only 33 minutes!

The Garden Tower® 2 and Bundles

The Garden Tower 2 is an innovative vertical garden system that can provide fresh produce and food in any climate. It is a self-sufficient ecosystem for growing healthy, organic food. The tower has been designed to be modular, sustainable, and efficient with the goal of ending the global hunger crisis. It can be used in both urban and rural areas to grow vegetables with no need for pesticides or herbicides while reducing water usage by up to 90%, and only using a fraction of the land required to grow the same amount of food in a traditional garden.

If you are more of a DIYer you may just want to get the tower only. However, if you don’t already have certain gardening accessories (like a seed heating pad and tray, plant labels, or a hose meter), the bundles can be a good way to acquire them. These can be especially helpful for starting seeds indoors during colder months. The bundles also include discounted shipping as well.


Garden Tower 2™, 50-Plant Composting Vertical Garden Planter

This is The Garden Tower 2 only, It is available in 2 colors, Terracotta and Warm Sandstone. There are quantity discounts and interest-free financing available.

Garden Tower 2™ 3 What is a Gardening Tower
Garden Tower 2™ 4 What is a Gardening Tower
Dimensions 25.98 x 25.98 x 44.09 inches
Material 100% recyclable, food-contact grade plastic
Price Check Price

Garden Tower 2™ Starter Bundle


Garden Tower® 2 50 plant composting container garden,

Dr. Earth Plant Food, Plant Labels (50),

$20 Baker Creek Seed Gift Certificate,

A special discounted shipping rate.

Dimensions 25.98 x 25.98 x 44.09 inches
Material 100% recyclable, food-contact grade plastic
Price Check Price

Garden Tower 2™ Move and Grow Bundle


Garden Tower® 2 50 plant composting container garden,

Garden Tower® 2 Premium Caster Wheel Kit (double locking black caster),

A special discounted shipping rate.

Garden Tower 2™ Move and Grow Bundle 1 What is a Gardening Tower
Dimensions 25.98 x 25.98 x 44.09 inches
Material 100% recyclable, food-contact grade plastic
Price Check Price

Garden Tower 2™ Deluxe Bundle

Includes; Garden Tower® 2 50 plant composting container garden, Garden Tower® 2 Premium Caster Wheel Kit (double locking black caster), Dr. Earth Plant Food, Plant Labels (50), Greenhouse seed starting kit, Expanding nutrient rich soil for seed starting, $20 Baker Creek Seed Gift Certificate, A special discounted shipping rate, Save-a-drop Hose Meter, Premium Seedling Heat mat.

Dimensions 25.98 x 25.98 x 44.09 inches
Material 100% recyclable, food-contact grade plastic
Price Check Price

The Future of Urban Gardening?

World-renowned Architect Stefano Boeri, who believes that cities should be redesigned to create more green spaces, has pioneered this concept on a much larger scale with his “Vertical Forest” concept.

Boeri’s idea is to transform the city into a forest of trees and gardens. These vertical forest city complexes can be three hundred meters high and have around 25,000 plants on each. Besides removing large amounts of Co2 from the environment, they can also produce about 900 tons of vegetables and fruit every year, which would help feed a population of 10,000 people.

Well enough of me going on about it, lets see some pictures of Stefano Boeri’s amazing creations!


What is a Garden Tower? Now you know!

It has been so much fun learning about this garden tower system and really exciting to think about how it is opening up the wonderful world of gardening to an entirely new group of people who were unable to garden before. Personally I cannot wait until I am able to get one (or more!) of my own and I will update this review with my personal experience.

Do you have any recommendations or feedback to add to the discussion? Maybe you have a garden tower and want to add your own comments? Then just comment below! I answer every comment and you can also email me at, or send me a message through social media as well!

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25 thoughts on “What is a Garden Tower?

  1. A very interesting article. I also feel vertical gardens will be the future as Stefano said.
    I have never used vertical gardening but I can see that it can easily save space for peope like me with not a lot of space for gardening.

  2. This is a great article about garden tower. I am new in gardening and I am looking for good information and things to do. I read your article about the tower and I`m really impressed.
    Thank you so much for this information. That`s what I needed.

  3. Wow, what an extraordinary thing! I was actually reading the other day about growing your own food. I am terrible gardener (my plants tend du die…) and I live in an appartment. So I was pretty much making excuses for myself. But this tower garden makes it look so easy!!! And according to the reviews, it actually is! I’ll definitely keep that in mind and try it .

    1. Absolutely! I firmly believe that no one is actually a terrible gardener… but that some people need guidance and direction to get them off and running. Something like the Garden Tower makes it THAT much easier to build that confidence and help you realize that you CAN garden! And WELL! I believe you have that green thumb!  

  4. I really enjoyed this article on a garden tower. Garden towers may be ideal for beginners and those with green thumbs.

    Amazing that you can grow 50 plants in a 4-square feet space. The advantages of a garden tower are also appealing, such as no weeding necessary, some plants grow fast, you can make your own compost, and the easy up-keep is tempting.

    1. The Garden Tower is truly an innovation in small space gardening! I can see these being used by those in cities and with very little space to help supplement a lack of near-by grocery stores or markets. Plus, nothing tastes better than home grown food!

  5. I have flowers in my garden and I like to deal with them, but this is really the first time I see something like this. The first thing I thought was what this is for and how it works. Very interesting and beautiful. You gave me a good idea for growing some plants. I also like it because it doesn’t take up a lot of space.

    1. Very true! Although most will undoubtedly use the Garden Tower for vegetables, leafy greens and perhaps some fruit, I want to try out a whole bunch of different kinds of flowers in one too! I would love to see what does well in it and what looks good in it’s unique shape! I’ll for sure share any results I get!

  6. This garden tower is a genius idea, what an awesome concept. I always tell my kids I am going to start a garden, and they always reply sure dad sure and of course, I never do. After seeing this I think my dreams of a garden could be a reality. The post is well written and informative, and the illustrations present a great visual. I am glad I stumbled upon this. Thank you for all of the information. 

    1. Of course! I similarly procrastinate on the things I really shouldn’t. 🙂 It is my experience, however, that once I catch that gardening bug, it’s hard to kick. The Garden Tower not only makes getting started easy, but fun and interesting for the whole family! I’m glad you enjoyed the post! 

  7. This is the most interesting and useful article I have seen today! We have a garden back home but since we relocated it has been difficult to start gardening again because there is no space for that in our accommodation. With this garden tower, I have a lot of different ideas going through my mind as I was reading this article. Garden tower is my saving grace. I am so happy to discover this and It is big enough to contain all my herbs and vegetables.

    Thanks for sharing. I found this helpful.

    1. Wonderful! I am so glad you found it not only useful, but informative as well! I feel the same way about Garden tower! I have so many ideas, and can’t wait to share the process with you all! Please feel free to share it with us as well on our social media channels or send me an email directly with updates and pictures so we can go on the journey together!

  8. Excellent article and very practical in the near future for many households. I’ll share garden tover with my friends and I’m sure this article will be useful to many. I wish you good health and success.

    1. Thank you so much! To you as well! I am glad you enjoyed the article and I agree that things like this will become more and more common as prices continue to rise. I foresee growing our own food becoming a necessity and things like this will help so many!

  9. Tower gardening is a solution for urban living and for whoever wants to grow herbs, flowers, and plants indoor environment,

    It is a technologically sound system and offers a sustainable eco-friendly small green space in an urban home to avail greens next to you. 

    It’s a pleasure, built-in happiness, and a stress-free environment inside an urban home. The money is relatively on the upside, however, it is worth it. The way I look at this is Can I trim somewhere to make it up?

    Thank you so much for helping to upgrade the world to a better eco-friendly place to live

    1. I 100% Agree! The ability to grow so much in such a small space is amazing! The way I look at it, you will be able to make up for the cost in 2 ways. The supplementing of the grocery bill will make a big difference, especially with the cost of gas and overall inflation pushing the price of produce higher and higher. Also, I am a firm believer that you will pay either way… either you’ll pay the more expensive grocery bill to eat healthy and naturally, or you’ll pay the hospital bills if you don’t eat well. So if the Garden Tower ends up making it easier to eat healthier, I think it will be well worth it in the end. Happy Gardening!

  10. The garden tower is one of the items that we are going to be putting in our bin and making the best plants with the tower. What is the garden tower is on one of the best garden tools for pros or beginners.
    Easy as one two three glad to see that you took the time to write this fantastic review to help us all.


  11. Hey,

    This looks like a great thing for the garden. My niece loves working on their garden and I know she would love to add a garden tower in there.

    I am going to forward this article to her and her parents so they can see if a garden tower is worthy of fitting in their already immaculate garden.

    I will let yo uknow what the outcome is and if they decide to work on this great thing.

    Thank you for sharing and keep up the great work.

    All the best,


    1. Yes! Please do!! I would love to see the progress and how it gets integrated into their already established garden! Thank you and happy gardening!

  12. Hey, there! Thanks for this amazing blog post. This might be exactly what my girlfriend was looking for. I mean we are living in the city and have no huge balcony in our apartment. So, this vertical garden can be really perfect solution. I will scroll and check the products and if I have a question will come back to you, is that ok? The pictures of how this can be used in urbanization are nice, we are living in Amsterdam, and I have seen those apartments in the city, so it is definitely working. Cheers

    1. Absolutely! I would be more than happy to answer any questions you may have! I think the concept of using not only this product, but integrating green spaces into the cities is something that is essential for not just the environment, but the mental, physical, and spiritual health of the residents of urban environments. There are innumerable studies that prove that access to green spaces and living plants (not to mention the benefits to your diet from eating produce vs. processed foods) is beneficial to us on so many levels! Good luck and happy gardening!

  13. My dad grew up on a farm and he absolutely loves gardening and we have all sorts of produce from guavas, to plums to corn on the cob and all that in our back yard in town.

    As you mentioned, space is always a problem, so I will certainly show him this garden tower concept.

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