Custom Lawn Plan



Tailored just for your lawn for real results.

We combine unique data with cutting-edge science to help you grow a better, greener lawn with mystery-free ingredients like seaweed, molasses, and iron.

Free soil analysis

Our lawn engine combines satellite mapping and local climate data with the results of your personal soil sample.

Custom lawn plans

We create a custom subscription that includes the exact products your lawn needs, and you can update or cancel any time.

A unique plan created just for your lawn

Exactly what your lawn needs—all year long

All you need is a hose for a beautiful lawn

Seasonal deliveries

You’ll know it’s time to fertilize your lawn when a brand new box arrives at your front door. No more guesswork.

Unlimited expert support

Get one-on-one support from a real, live human whenever you need it, plus access to 100s of handy guides on our blog.

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