4×8 Garden Grid™ Watering System


Why You’ll Love the Garden Grid™

Pre-Assembled – The Garden Grid™ ships in preassembled sections & is ready to water in minutes!

Every Plant Watered – The Garden Grid™ waters all of your plants evenly at ground level, so none are left thirsty!

Guided Plant Spacing – The grid layout & included plant spacing chart show you how many plants to grow per grid square.

Interconnect Multiple Garden Grids™ endlessly with our multi-Garden Grid connection manifold & custom-length garden hoses!

Ground-Level Or Raised Garden Beds – The Garden Grid™ works great in both! Even if your raised garden bed isn’t filled to the top with soil! (Garden Grids™ are also available with our food-safe Metal Raised Garden Beds!)

Long-Lasting – The Garden Grid™ is designed to last. How long? We don’t know… original prototypes from 2012 are still watering in our own gardens today!

It’s Easy – Simply connect it to a garden hose, plant & grow!

Made In The USA – Garden Grids™ are manufactured in-house & shipped nationwide to gardeners across the U.S.!

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