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how to plant a garden in your home click and grow family Click and Grow Garden Review

Click and Grow Garden Review

how to plant a garden in your home Click and Grow bloom fairy garden Click and Grow Garden Review

My personal preference for fairy gardens is to have living plants, preferably with some blooms, providing a peaceful place for our winged friends to visit, while doing this Click and Grow garden review, I discovered having fresh foliage is never a problem!  Changing up your fairy garden is easier than ever with the versatility that comes with having a fresh supply of healthy organic plants to choose from.


how to plant a garden in your home click and grow thinking emoji Click and Grow Garden ReviewIf you don’t know how to plant a garden in your home, there is no need to worry.  If creativity and design is right up your alley for a fairy garden, but the actual gardening part seems to escape you, I’ve found just the thing for you!


I am so excited about my Click and Grow Smart Garden 9! I will be planting some beautiful flowers and foliage that will go perfectly in my next fairy garden project, and I will be able to successfully grow the entire garden while pulling a double shift of mom-duty as well as working overtime as a blogger-extraordinaire.how to plant a garden in your home click and grow beige smart garden 9 Click and Grow Garden Review

I am looking forward to sharing my progress with the new indoor garden with all of you as I get it in, un-box and set-up, and document the hands-off gardening approach that this system promotes. Check back here for updates as we go on this indoor fairy garden adventure together!

how to plant a garden in your home click and grow dead plant in pot Click and Grow Garden ReviewSo what is a Click and Grow Smart Garden, and why do I care? Let me give you an example of how and why this self-gardening system is innovative, fun and a game changer for those who want to have a green thumb, but have more luck killing plants off than actually growing anything.

how to plant a garden in your home click and grow tomato seedling Click and Grow Garden ReviewWith it being mid-spring, the seasonal gardener in me knew that trying to get some tomato seeds planted in mid-April would lead to stringy seedlings that would never produce the kind of harvest they would had I started them on time; but not with Click and Grow. Technology, it seems, has provided an alternative to the cyclical and seasonal bounty of harvest time and made it nearly impossible to not be successful at growing plants year round.

Technology meets your backyard garden!

Getting organic, non-GMO and pesticide-free fruits, veggies and herbs is no longer a matter of sore backs from spending hours weeding, pruning and tending the plants out in the yard. With automatic timers for water, light and nutrients, Click and Grow allows you to grow traditional kitchen garden plants right there on your countertop!how to plant a garden in your home click and grow tea pack Click and Grow Garden Review Even a room with inadequate light from a lack of windows won’t stop Click and Grow from providing you with the freshest plants around! Some models even have Bluetooth compatibility to provide you with even more control with even less direct interaction if you like!

It’s not just fruits, veggies, and herbs!

how to plant a garden in your home click and grow experimental pods Click and Grow Garden ReviewWhat if you’re not culinarily inclined? The good news is that there is an ever-expanding selection of pre-seeded plant pods that provide a plethora of blooming and beautiful foliaged plants to catch your eye! Click and Grow also provides the option for what they call, “experimental seed pods” that are ready for you to put whatever seed you want to try! As technology continues to advance, the capabilities of indoor gardening continue to advance!

The benefits of fresh grown plants with a fraction of the effort!

how to plant a garden in your home click and grow beautiful blooms Click and Grow Garden ReviewWhether or not you are looking for an edible garden or one that is filled with beautiful blooms, you can rest assured that Click and Grow will get your indoor garden off to a running start! You’ll even get access to the companion app that helps you to become a plant expert with any of the Click and Grow plant varieties available!

Expert to novice gardener, there’s a Click and Grow for you!

how to plant a garden in your home click and grow smart garden 3 Click and Grow Garden ReviewThe Smart Garden 3 is perfect for the new gardener or countertop chef that wants some fresh herbs on occasion. These small smart gardens are wonderful as an introduction to supervised educational lessons with kids on how plants grow.

how to plant a garden in your home click and grow smart garden 9 pro Click and Grow Garden ReviewThe Smart Garden 9 and 9 Pro are just the right size for a small family that wants fresh fruit and veggies for their salads or pretty blooms no matter the time of year. With the portable nature and blue-tooth connectivity for the ease of control right at your fingertips, a flourishing garden has never been easier!


how to plant a garden in your home click and grow smart garden 27 Click and Grow Garden Review

The Smart Garden 27 is a fantastic space saver that can provide an entire herb garden in a small space. The minimalist design makes for space saving sustainability in any size kitchen! Don’t ever let a small space keep you from getting the most out of the gifts from mother nature.



how to plant a garden in your home click and grow wall farm Click and Grow Garden ReviewThe Wall Farm is exactly what you’re looking for to provide fresh fruits, veggie and herbs for the whole family year-round! With this essential kitchen addition, there will be a never ending supply of fresh salad greens and seasoning herbs. No matter which self-growing garden you are looking for, farm to table has never been more accessible for everyone!


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16 thoughts on “Click and Grow Garden Review

  1. Thanks for sharing this post. I was more than surprised to learn about this new way of planting a garden in your home. I was expecting something quite the opposite. It’s fascinating to see how technology evolves every single day and infiltrates itself into all walks of life making it easier for us to do things like growing a small garden in our home! Thanks again for sharing this post. My mom is going to love it!

    1. Isn’t it amazing?! I know several people who don’t particularly like the “hands in the dirt” kind of gardening, but still like fresh herbs, foliage or foods to be on hand that will love this! I am so glad you enjoyed the article!

  2. I love the idea of growing plants indoors and smart gardens are a brilliant idea! I used to grow tomatoes outdoors, but now I have a flat that’s no longer an option. Coincidentally, I saw a news item on BBC last night that mentioned microgreens. Apparently, these are all miniature versions of green vegetables and herbs. I can imagine a smart garden would be a perfect fit! I’ll save this post for future reference:) Thanks for sharing:)

    1. Kathy,
      Absolutely! Click and Grow makes having organic, home grown tomatoes a reality for so many! The selection of pre-seeded pods is always expanding, and the experimental pods makes growing whatever you like even easier!

  3. Hello and thank you for this article! I and my wife have been interested in indoor gardening for ages and we have a garden on our terrace consisting of ornamental and vegetable plants. We also have some ornamental plants inside like Pothos and Snake plants. Just last year, I also ventured on gardening underwater. The Click and Grow products made us interested and definitely look like a neat solution to indoor gardening.
    I really like how you presented this article and really explain well each product in their line-up and will surely help people to discover the inner gardener in themselves with/without prior experience nor green thumb.

    I showed this to my wife and she really likes the Smart Garden 27. Do we need to provide ample lighting for these systems or does ambient lighting from a window or room light enough? We also have some spare grow lights in our house that we can use.

    1. Thank you so much for your question!
      All of the Smart Garden systems provide the exact amount of light, water and nutrients for the plants! Placing a Smart Garden system near a window will obviously provide your plants with more light, but the hardware itself has lights on it that provide exactly what the plant needs!

  4. Thank you for the post. I have been looking for ways to start gardening ever since the COVID19 lockdown so these tips are so useful for a beginner like me.
    I didn’t even know there was something like smartgarden.

    1. There has been a significant uptick in the amount of people who are both discovering and re-discovering a love for gardening since the lock-downs first started. Being able to grow your own food became a real concern for some. The Click and Grow Smart Garden System makes it so easy to grow your own food that even a lockdown or shortage won’t be nearly as scary as it once might have been.

  5. I love the wall farm and the smart garden 27! They look beautiful! And I love that you can grow vegetables and herbs at any time of the year. I am building my kitchen now, so adding something like this will be just perfect. Although I grow vegetables on my land and I have fruit trees, it is a lot easier to do it with the click and grow. This is definitely worth trying out. Do they deliver internationally?

    1. Aren’t they amazing?! They are very modern and stylish too! I would love to see your kitchen with the wall farm!
      To answer your question, yes! Click and grow DOES ship internationally. For a full list of countries available, check here.

  6. Randi,

    These are awesome! I actually went to the site and was poking around at the wall garden. That would be great in my house! But they’re sold out right now. 🙁 I’ll have to check back every so often since I do love the idea of having a wall of garden in the home. This came at good timing too actually. I was pulling out my Aero Gardens and started getting those going. They’ve been sitting in my garage for about 10 years, and I finally went Vegan, so now I’m needing them. The only thing I don’t like about the Aero’s is that I’m pretty limited with what I can plant in them. I would much rather have a larger garden that I can plant more veggies.

    Thanks for sharing this!


    1. Katrina,
      I agree! One of my favorite things about the Click and Grow system is that they have such a wide variety of options! Even better is their option to get the “Experimental Plant Pods” where you can plant whatever you want in the specially designed pods! I’m looking forward to trying out a few new flowers for my fairy gardens as well as a few different herbs that aren’t available yet.
      I had a similar experience with the site being out of stock when I went to purchase some of the extender arms for the lights, but they have an option where you can input your email for a notification when they come back in stock. The good news is that it was within 2 weeks that they were back in stock and I snapped up a set right away! So in my experience they aren’t out of stock for long!
      My husband is a vegetarian so we are in a similar boat with the asset that these Click and Grow Smart Gardens can be for the veggie-inclined. 🙂
      Please do let me know when you get your Wall Garden set up! I would love to interview you and do a feature on the website about your experience and any tips or tricks you found while using it! Thank you so much and good luck gardening!

  7. Thank you so much for this highly insightful article, Randi! As someone who recently became a vegan (the meat is calling me, but I’m trying to resist. Haha), is eating more organic foods, and now realizes the importance of growing your own food (I don’t trust the overly processed, chemical/pesticide/GMO-ridden garbage that’s sold in the stores and restaurants nowadays), I am relieved to know that I can grow a beautiful garden without pulling a back muscle (I’m in my 20s and an athlete, but details. Haha).

    I love the feeling of knowing exactly what’s going into my body, knowing that my hard work helped to produce it, and knowing that there is technology available (like the Click and Grow Garden) to make the process easier for all parties involved. I will certainly give it a try! Great read! Yah (God) bless you!

    1. I understand the call of the meat lol.
      My husband is a vegetarian and I eat less meat than I used to because my repertoire of meals has changed over the years lol
      I am SO glad to hear you’re staying away from processed/GMO/pesticide and chemical ridden foods! It can be a hard transition, but stay strong! I have Fibromyalgia and when I got tired of the side effects and having to take all the meds, I tried a lifestyle change (mainly diet) very similar to yours, and I can now happily report that it has been 9 years since I’ve had to be on that regimen of pills, pills, pills! Yay! This technology is growing at a very fast rate and I am so excited to see what they will come out with next! Good luck on your vegan diet, and I hope you enjoy your Click and Grow!

  8. Technology definitely has made everything less stressful so now we can just have fun doing stuff we like. I like the wall farm especially because I like fresh vegetables and I will definitely like to grow a few vegetables we can use at home. This seems and interesting and I will love to try it. I like how these options you have provided has made indoor farming easier and possible . It will easier for me too because I have a spacious kitchen and having a wall garden won’t be a bother. Thank you Randi for this lovely article

    1. That wall farm has got my eye too. 😉
      I have been loving my Click and Grow Smart Garden 9 so much and it has been so useful that I’m getting my kitchen organized to fit one of the wall farms asap! My family have varying dietary needs and having fresh healthy foods readily available year round is a serious blessing! Thank you.

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