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Mini Fairy Garden World Logo Thumbnail Fairy garden figurines, fairy garden houses, and fairy garden accessories. Use code FCG10 for 10% off! Learn More
Philips 1-800-FLORALS Logo Thumbnail Same day flower delivery nationwide and internationally, satisfaction guaranteed! Learn More
Garden Tower Project Logo Thumbnail Grow more nutritious food in less space with the amazing Garden Tower system! Learn More
Muck Boot Company Logo  Thumbnail 100% waterproof boots and footwear that withstand the muckiest situations in every season. Learn More
Botanical Interests Logo Thumbnail High quality organic vegetable seeds, flower seed, herb seeds, and gardening tools and products. As well as excellent customer service! Learn More
Flora Animalia Logo SAS Organic cotton gardening clothing, tops, bottoms, aprons, towels, and bags. Quality tools, seeds, and books too! Learn More
Nature Hills Nursery Logo Thumbnail Trees, bushes, roses, lavender, and perennial plants shipped direct from the nursery to your garden. Terrariums, lights, birdfeeders, and other garden decor too! Learn More
Click and Grow Logo Grow plants with zero effort right on your counter top, inspired by NASA technology! Use code FCG10 for 10% off! Learn More
Design Toscano Logo Thumbnail Beautiful Garden statues and décor. Our favorite place to get garden fairy statues! Learn More
Renees Garden Logo Thumbnail Certified organic, non-GMO, hierloom seeds in packets featuring beautiful watercolor portraits. Cookbooks, kitchen, and garden accessories too! Learn More
Sunday Lawn Care Logo Subscription lawn service available nationwide, using non-toxic environmentally friendly natural lawn fertilization that is kid and pet-safe too! Learn More
LaJolie Muse Logo Thumbnail  Features a wide selection of beautiful indoor, outdoor, and hanging planters to display your plants and fairy garden creations! Learn More
Fifthroom Logo Thumbnail  Great resource for garden furniture, birdhouses, birdbaths, fountains and any other yard or garden accessory you can imagine! Learn More
Home Grown Garden Logo  World-class, high-germination seeds, easy-to-follow kits that beginners can use to get started, and other great gardening products! Learn More
Subpod Logo Thumbnail World’s 1st modular closed-loop garden system. Divert waste, build soil and grow food – with Modbed. No smells, no pests, assembles on 5 minutes! Learn More
Sunny Daze Decor logo Thumbnail  Amazing place to get plant stands, planters, raised garden beds, garden carts, and even greenhouses. Tons of other garden and and outdoor decor as well! Learn More
Garden In Minutes Logo Thumbnail Pre-assembled, full-coverage, garden watering systems.
Tool-free raised garden beds that set up in minutes. Averaging 4.9/5 star rating and made in the USA! 
Learn More
Lulas Garden Logo Thumbnail Beautiful succulent gifting company, eco friendly succulents uniquly designed, self sustaining gift boxes!  Learn More
Ferry Morse Logo Thumbnail Fresh non-GMO Flowers, vegetables, herbs and fruits plants. Plus live plants, seed trays, tools and tons of other garden supplies!  Learn More
Collections ETC Logo Thumbnail Give your garden a little extra personality with a unique assortment of outdoor garden decor. Hundreds of beautiful, fun and whimsical items to add to your favorite outdoor space! Learn More
Sportsman's Guide Logo Thumbnail Several varieties of galvanized steel raised garden beds, planters, birdhouses, utility carts, rolling gadrening seats, and outdoor boots perfect for gardening too! Learn More
Best Choice Products Logo Thumbnail Great resource for garden carts, raised garden beds, outdoor decor, planters, stands, potting benches and tables, plus greenhouses too! Learn More
Hale Groves Logo Thumbnail Small but premier citrus producing groves in Florida. The juiciest and best tasting citrus you will find! Learn More

Mini Fairy Garden World

Use code FCG10 for 10% off!

Mini Fairy Garden World Logo - Fairy Garden Essentials

Step into a world of enchantment with Mini Fairy Garden World. With your imagination and our collection of miniature garden supplies, you can make a home for fairies right in your backyard. Your miniature fairy garden should reflect your personality – and no matter what sort of garden you seek to create, we have the fairy gardening tools, homes, and accessories to make all of your dreams come true.”

“Take your inspiration from our many collections of miniature garden homes, furniture, accessories, and more and let your mind take flight. You’re sure to think of something exciting, and we can’t wait to help your idea grow into a beautiful miniature fairy garden of your own. Of course, no fairy garden is complete without fairies!

“You can add tempting treats and happy homes to your fairy garden to bring in these enchanting visitors, or you can view our collection of miniature fairy figures to find your perfect match. Your fairies will surely want some friends as well – try our trolls, mermaids, or sprites, or view our menagerie of fairy garden animals!”

“Your miniature garden will look more lively than ever with a little mouse peeking shyly from underneath a leaf…or a fearsome dragon that’s ready to fly. The real fun of fairy gardening is finding that perfect figure to complete your scene. We hope you’ll find that figure here at Mini Fairy Garden World, a fairy garden store packed to the brim with magic.

Contemplation Fairy, Fairy Garden Fairy, Fairy Sitting On Flower, Garden Fairy - Realistic Fairy Figurines for Fairy Gardens
Rose Fairy House, Fairy Garden, Fairy Flower House, Mini Cottage - Best Fairy Garden Houses for Sale
Peek-A-Boo Fairy Door, Fairy Garden Door, Fairy In Door - Fairy Garden Doors

Philip’s 1-800-Florals

Philips 1-800-FLORALS Logo - Garden Essentials

“There are roughly 20,000 professional florists in North America that design and deliver fresh flowers on a daily basis. Most have one or more websites, but they are much more than just Internet companies. They’re real florists with years of design and delivery experience, and their reputations have been built on their performance. Some have been in business for generations, with thousands of loyal customers.”

“Phillip’s 1-800-FLORALS is one of those. And, of the 20,000 or so total florists, less than one half of 1% consistently handle the most computerized nationwide and worldwide florist deliveries. Phillip’s is one of those, as well, and has been for more than 20 consecutive years. So, if you’re looking for a real florist who is small enough to care yet large enough to take good care of you, too, you’ve come to the right place. We think you’ll notice the difference. And, we’re committed to showing you over and over again.”

“Same-day florist delivery is normally available Monday – Saturday in most areas of the 50 USA states and Canada for orders received by 11:00 am in the recipient’s time zone (excluding Sundays, holidays, and peak floral periods). Otherwise, next day delivery is the norm. For best results, please order one or more days in advance, if possible. Note that due to Covid-19 limitations, product substitutions of equal value may be necessary in some cases, some deliveries may be rescheduled by one day when necessary, and deliveries are NOT currently available in Hawaii.”

FTD® Dozen Roses and Teddy Bear #82DBX
Teleflora® Perfectly Pleasing Pinks #T0171 Valentines Day Flowers for Delivery
How Sweet It Is Bouquet Deluxe #490DX Valentines Day Flowers for Delivery

Garden Tower Project

Garden Tower Project Logo - Garden Essentials

On April 19, 2012, the first Garden Tower® project launched on Kickstarter. The brainchild of inventor Colin Cudmore, environmental scientist Joel Grant, and health professional Thomas Tlusty, The Garden Tower® Project began as a dream to connect people around the world with sustainable, organic produce.”

“I began researching existing vertical systems. I found that almost all such systems are hydroponic (growing plants in liquid nutrient solutions rather than soil), and therefore require access to outdoor electricity for their pumps and timers. Even worse, they tend to be very expensive. I wanted a solution that did not use pumps, timers, or electricity. I also wanted something that anybody could afford.”

“The original Garden Tower® container gardening system made it possible for home gardeners to create their own compost, practice vermiculture with their own worms, and reap the benefits (literally!) of 50 plants in one barrel-shaped planter. Its built-in water-recycling system created active nutrient transparent to the plants roots much like a hydroponic watering system — boosting plant growth with nutrient-packed recycled water at a fraction of the cost and size of a full-scale garden.”

Muck Boot Company

“It all started with a universal problem—muck. Wet, messy, muddy, dirty muck, and we determined to find a solution for keeping our feet warm and dry through it all. So we set out to build the most protective, most comfortable, most reliable boots on the planet—no matter what the conditions. And The Original Muck Boot Company® was born providing 100% waterproof boots and footwear that withstand the muckiest situations in every season.”

“Over the past two decades we have had the freedom to innovate, experiment, and test our products in every single element—because outside, there are way more than four seasons. That’s why we’ve designed each of our styles to work hard for every task and brave every condition—so you can be protected, productive, and always in your comfort zone, no matter what the weather.”

Botanical Interests

Botanical Interests Logo - Garden Essentials
“At Botanical Interests, our goal is to inspire and educate the gardener in you. That is why, since 1995 we have been supplying garden centers and home gardeners with the highest quality seed in the most beautiful and informative seed packets on the market.”

“Curtis and Judy started Botanical Interests because they believed that gardeners were not getting the information they needed on seed packets. Their desire to provide more information led them to create a unique seed packet that includes art, garden history, landscape ideas, organic gardening know-how, recipes, fun facts, and of course, high-quality seed.”

Flora Animalia

Flora Animalia Logo - Garden Essentail
Flora Animalia is a small and focused collection of utilitarian offerings. Once again, locally produced (In House) using only clean crop Belgian Linens & GOTS certified organic cottons, the styles are modern essentials, un-fashion, service oriented and of a simple elegance.”

“Her design ethos and brand vision for this passion project encapsulates all that she knows & loves. With continued support from amazing women such as Frances McDormand, Ellen DeGeneres, Laurie Anderson, Rosetta Getty, and many artists, makers, chefs and gardeners have embraced Rozae’s vision, her new sustainable collection is created with gratitude and a deep sense of purpose.

Nature Hills Nursery

Nature Hills Nursery Logo - Garden Essentials
“We ship directly from the nursery to your doorstep to uphold the quality you deserve. Let our professional growers build the roots & put in the work that set your garden up for success! Every plant from comes protected by Plant Sentry™ providing you with plants free of invasive pests & diseases.”

“That means plants arrive safe & healthy at your doorstep. We want to help keep your plants ever-green. With Smart Plant Home, load your own plants into a digital garden & receive weekly custom care instructions on your phone!”

Click and Grow

Click and Grow Logo - Garden Essentials

Indoor plants are proven to improve health through consumption, reduce stress, improve air quality and overall happiness. Everyone deserves to experience the benefits of having a garden. Click & Grow builds smart gardens that bridge the gap between modern life and nature.

Smart Gardens make it possible to grow plants 365 days a year in even the most busiest households. They take care of watering, light and nutrients, while you reap the benefits. Experience the magic of gardening and enjoy the most flavourful tastes and most wonderful aromas all year round.

Click & Grow was founded in 2009 in Estonia. After reading a NASA report about growing plants in space, Mattias Lepp became inspired to develop the first ever indoor garden that took care of plants automatically. After working with universities around the world to fine-tune the technology, the concept of the Click & Grow Smart Garden was born.

Design Toscano

Design Toscano Logo - Garden Essentials
“Design Toscano offers specialty home and garden decor, reproduction furniture and accessories, indoor and outdoor statuary, and one-of-a-kind home and garden accents.”
Fairy of the West Wind Sitting
Fannie the Fairy Sitting
Sunflower fairy

Renee’s Garden

Renees Garden Logo - Garden Essentials
“At Renee’s Garden, I offer only non-GMO varieties that are very special for home gardeners, based on great flavor, easy culture and exceptional garden performance. This seed line is my personal selection of new, exciting and unusual seed choices of time-tested heirlooms, certified organic seeds, the best international hybrids and fine open-pollinated varieties.”

“I harvest and use the vegetables and herbs in my kitchen to choose the most delicious, and cut the flowers for bouquets to select the finest colors, forms and fragrances. Our varieties are tested and guaranteed for every major US climate zone.”

“Our individually written packets offer beautiful watercolor portraits, with personally written descriptions, complete growing instructions, a quick-view planting chart, growing tips, harvesting information and cooking ideas. Inside you’ll find superior quality seed – the top germinating, reliable seed lots usually reserved for specialty growers.”

“First and foremost, Renee’s Garden is a company run by gardeners, for gardeners. It is our way to spread the joy of gardening as a meaningful, productive and satisfying activity that connects us to each other and the earth.”

Sunday Lawn Care

Sunday Lawn Care Logo - Garden Essentials

“Sunday Lawn Care is a DTC subscription service for lawn fertilizer with 4.5-stars. They promise a natural lawn fertilization solution customized to your lawn and soil’s needs. It’s kid and pet-safe, too. It’s simple & smart lawn care delivered to all 50 states”

“With guidance and custom nutrients, we help you cultivate rich, living soil for a healthy lawn that’s more self sustaining. Instead of brute force, we use cutting edge plant science to get back to how nature is supposed to work.”

La Jolie Muse

LaJolie Muse Logo - Garden Essentials
“Since 2015, our mission has always been to transform personal spaces into dream homes with affordable and luxurious home decor. We design and source all our products with life’s needs in mind, a modern sense of beauty, and true comfort.”

“The smallest of details can turn a home into a personal oasis. Our products are designed to bring beauty, practicality, and style to your environment without compromising on quality and craftsmanship.
We put the same level of care and consideration into what we make as you do into your creating your space. We aim to bring inspired design to all, and are always searching for environmentally sound materials, innovative storage solutions, and olfactory experiences that make your home distinctly your own.”

“We work with artisans around the world to make beautiful, timeless design accessible to all. Each piece is created with meticulous care, and is made using only the highest quality materials that we personally source and stand behind.”


Fifthroom Logo - Garden Essentials
“Celebrate the seasons with furniture that’s garden fresh! From modern outdoor furniture to classic wooden outdoor furniture, you’ll love our all-new style! Welcome to, where you can create an outdoor space that brings together the splendor of nature with the comforts of updated design. With thousands of products to choose from, you can find everything from porch swings and patio umbrellas, to outdoor tables and other garden furniture, all in one convenient place.”

“Create an outdoor space that’s as inviting and beautiful as the rest of your home. Many of our traditional and modern outdoor furniture collections feature kid-friendly, non-toxic finishes. We also design many of our children’s items, including kids’ patio furniture, to match the adult size outdoor furniture. Creating a unified visual theme has never been easier.”

“At, we believe that garden furniture should enhance, not clutter, your landscape. Let us help showcase your blooms and foliage in planters, arbors, pergolas, and trellises that are crafted to the highest standards. Just want to sit back and admire it all? Consider doing so from one of our exquisite gazebos. Shop, where we’re welcoming the outdoors back home!”
Fifthroom 1 Bridges - Garden Essentials
Fifthroom 3 Arbors - Garden Essentials
Fifthroom 2 Garden Bench - Garden Essentials

Home Grown Garden

Home Grown Garden Logo - Garden Essentials

“At Homegrown Garden, we have committed ourselves to supporting gardeners of all skill and experience levels. We aim to guide people through their gardening journey, offering world-class, high-germination seeds that experts will love, easy-to-follow kits that beginners can use to get started, and gardening products that are there for you every step of the way.”


Subpod Logo - Garden Essentials

“The world’s 1st modular closed-loop garden system designed for urban living. Divert waste, build soil and grow food – with Modbed.”

“Your waste is a powerful thing. This year, you’ll send roughly 330lbs of food waste to landfill, where it will fuel global methane emissions and climate change. Turn your waste into a rich, nutritious fertiliser that feeds the soil instead! Compost up to 44lbs of food waste a week in Subpod. Mess free, smell free and easily maintainable in just 5 minutes a week, Subpod is the compost system for people who love simple.”

Sunnydaze Decor

Sunny Daze Decor logo - Garden Essentials

“Sunnydaze Decor provides thousands of high-quality indoor and outdoor products that bring relaxation and comfort into people’s lives. This includes outdoor fountains, fire pits, hammocks, and much more. Our goal is to transform our customer’s living space into a relaxing and stylish area through excellent customer service, fast shipping, and top-quality products.”

Garden In Minutes

Garden In Minutes Logo - Garden Essentials

“Pre-assembled, full-coverage, garden watering systems. Tool-free raised garden beds that set up in minutes. Unmatched quality that lasts. Made In The USA.
Our flagship product, The Garden Grid™ watering system is the top rated garden watering system on Amazon! 100’s of rave reviews on Amazon,, and Etsy! Averaging 4.9/5 star rating
Say Goodbye to Tools. Say Goodbye To Complicated Assembly. Say Hello to Garden In Minutes®!”

“The Garden Grid™ Watering System – The only, preassembled plant spacing guide & garden watering system in one. Drip irrigation, soaker, and sprinkler style watering PLUS square foot gardening style guided planting, wrapped into one amazing gardening product! (23 sizes & growing!)”

“Tool-Free, Expandable & Stackable Cypress Raised Garden Beds (dozens of layouts)
Custom Length Garden Hoses (any length from 4″ and up!)
Multi-Garden Grid™ Connection Manifolds (to endlessly interconnect Garden Grids™ in any layout!)
Dedicated, 100% U.S. Based Support Team.”

Lula’s Garden

Lulas Garden Logo - Garden Essentials

“Founded in 1856, all Ferry-Morse seeds are Non-GMO. We pride ourselves on our seed freshness. Ferry-Morse pioneered the practice of selling only fresh flower, herb, and vegetable seeds, packed for the current season. Fresh seed means better germination rates. Always check for freshness by looking for the date on the back of the packet.”

Lula's Garden 1 - Garden Essentials
Lula's Garden 2 - Garden Essentials
Lula's Garden 3 - Garden Essentials
Lula’s Garden 3 – Garden Essentials